Manufacture and supply a range of plastic road safety products, plastic products for trucks as well as plastic pest control products.

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Plastic Road Safety, Trucking and Pest Control Products

Over the course of 35 years, we have produced a large portfolio of products reaching a variety of industries. Trusting in our renowned quality and good business practice, many clients approach us to manufacture unique tools for their products.

Product Concept, 3D Prototyping, Toolmaking and Plastic Moulding of Products

Plastic Products Manufactured:

Plastic Road Safety Products

Plastic Road Cone

Contractor Cone

Contractor cones are a two-part cone, which use a LLDPE upper and a recycled base formulated from scrap plastic. The base and cone are compression-fitted prior to shrinkage to avoid separation when struck by a vehicle. These are available in various sizes, including the Cape Cone (750 mm).

Plastic Cones used in Mining

Plastic Mine Cone

Mine cones are made from LLDPE. These 1.8m high cones are used extensively in the mining sector. They are fitted with SABS 7 year reflective tape to ensure maximum visibility.

Mobi Pole - Reflective Plastic Road Safety Pole

Plastic Mobi Pole

The Mobi Pole is a modular, innovative new product that combines the best parts of a large, reflective road cone, with the stability of a weighted pole all at a competitive price. The Mobi Pole features a 5kg compression moulded base (made from 100% recycled PVC), a bright, plastic pole and a grade 3 reflective sheet strip.

Plastic Speed Bump

Plastic Speed Bump

Our speed bumps are made from robust and 100% recycled material in our compression moulding plant. Each unit has cat's eyes fitted to the front and back which improves visibility in the dark. Each section of speed bumps has holes to bolt into floors in four places using either rawl bolts or chemical anchors (not included).

Plastic Road Delineators

Plastic Road Delineator

Our core offering for delineators includes a range of fixed blade units backed by 15 years of quality testing and experience. In this range we offer both injection molded bases (manufactured from virgin material) as well as compression molded bases composed of 100% recycled material. Our blades are injection molded and are available in a variety of sizes to suit your application.

Plastic Road Barriers

Plastic Road Barrier

The Supa-Barrier is our latest barrier offering and is available only at Contact Plastics. This premium barrier features a sleek design (making it an excellent both as a visual attraction and a safety device), handles for easy lifting and moving as well as additional plastic mass for extra reliability and stability.

Tornado Plastic Road Delineators

Tornado Road Delineator

The Tornado range is a group of premium delineators designed for conditions where repeated, heavy knocks are a certainty. The Tornado blades mount onto a special rebound-able fitting which allows the blade to have significant and repeated deflection without shattering or otherwise degrading. We are proud to manufacture our bases from 100% recycled material.

Triangular Plastic Cone

Triangular Plastic Cone

The Contact Plastics triangular cone meets a critical market need by providing a low-cost, stack-able plastic cone with three faces for the installation of large stickers. Each flat face of the triangular cone is smooth, allowing for the application of your choice of safety stickers. The cones are available in a range of bright colours. These cones are manufactured from durable LLDPE and are ideal for installation in parking lots, malls, schools and construction zones.

Water filled plastic road barrier

Water Filled Plastic Road Barrier

Our water barriers are a formidable means of improving road safety in construction applications. They are effective for short term road maintenance operations. Unlike many other water barriers on the market, our barriers are able to withstand significant wind forces before toppling. Voids in the profile ensure minimum wind interaction and also ensure line-of-sight through the barriers for road users and construction workers.

Plastic Trucking Components & Accessories

Plastic Fire Box - Fire Safety Products

Plastic Fire Box

The pull out fire box is specially designed for trucking applications. The design of this box incorporates a top entry hatch which allows easy access to the fire extinguisher in the event of an emergency. Two special extruded inserts secure and center the extinguisher. A grey injection molded clamp and pin allow the box to be securely closed when not in use.

Heavy Duty Plastic Wheel Chock

Heavy Duty Wheel Chock

Our heavy duty wheel chock is manufactured as a standard in high impact, yellow LLDPE and is designed with internal single piece pillars for additional strength. The heavy duty chocks are available filled or unfilled with polyurethane foam which can increase the weight capacity up to 150 tonnes.

Durable plastic licence holders for trucks and trailers

Plastic Licence Holders

Contact Plastics license holders are strong and durable. They are supplied standard with a 3-mm galvanised plate backing, polyurethane seal and acrylic or polypropylene lens. The disk can fix to your trailer or truck with a counter-sunk screw. The holders can be supplied as either a single, double or triple units.

Plastic Wheel Chock for Trucks

Medium Plastic Wheel Chock

Our medium wheel chocks are available in two distinct types. Type 1 is an injection molded chock which features a toothed profile affording it excellent grip on most tyre types. The medium chocks are supplied standard in yellow. Medium size wheel chocks are manufactured from polypropylene suitable for large trucks.

Injection Moulded Wheel Chock for Trucks with Beehive structure

Medium Plastic Wheel Chock

Type 2 is an injection molded chock which features a beehive structure within the product. This results in greatly increased strength and durability. The medium chocks are supplied standard in yellow. A steel mounting bracket is not included but is available on request. Medium size wheel chocks are manufactured from polypropylene suitable for large trucks.

Plastic Mud Flaps for trucks

Plastic Mud Flaps

Our mud flaps were produced in response to the needs of the logistics industry. Imported flaps were not only grossly expensive but also lacked in quality and durability, forcing logistics agents to replace the flaps continuously as required by regulation. To fill this gap in the industry we started producing our own flaps from 100% recycled material using our compression molding plant.

Small Plastic Wheel Chock for Trucks

Small Plastic Wheel Chock

Small wheel chocks are manufactured from polypropylene and are suitable for small trucks and trailers. These wheel chocks include a plastic bracket which fits to the body, allowing it to be safely locked to the vehicle. The small wheel chocks can be used for lighter commercial situations such as trailers.

Tough Plastic Tool Box for Trucking

Plastic Tool Box

Need a tough toolbox? Problem solved. Our unique toolbox has the dual benefit of being lightweight and tamper proof. Made from virgin material in a rotor molding process, our box can withstand just about any punishment that you can throw at it. With a triple lock system in place, the box can keep your tools and valuables secure on site. It also comes with a tough polyurethane seal which is moisture and dust proof.

Plastic Truck Corner Bands

Plastic Truck Corner bands

Our resilient corner boards are manufactured from LLDPE and come in a range of colours. These boards make use of a tried and tested design ensuring durability and longevity for your fleet. A ridged profile ensures minimal slipping during long hauls. Our range offers both injection molded (1,2 m) as well as rotor molded (2 m) corner boards for your truck.

Pest Control Products

Plastic Bird Spikes

Plastic Bird Spikes

The purpose of Bird Spikes is to discourage all types of nesting birds. Bird Spikes are manufactured from U.V. stabilized clear or coloured polycarbonate. They can be used in most areas in domestic and industrial environments internally and externally and are very easy to install. Our unique Bird Spikes are flexible and can therefore be installed around pipes. This makes them ideal for both industrial and domestic environments.

Plastic Combat Bait Station

Plastic Combat Bait Station

Our bait stations are renowned by pest control experts across the country as a full-proof solution to rodent control. Years of refinement and redesign have led to a product which we are now proud to offer to the general public as well. The Combat bait station is manufactured from polypropylene and makes use of a small poison insert. More compact than the Commando, this bait station comes complete with bait holders (vertical or horizontal) and a metal key. This bait station is weather proof and tamper proof.

Plastic Commando Bait Station

Plastic Commando Bait Station

A larger cousin of the Combat bait station the Commando can be laid along rodent movement paths. The Commando is supplied standard with a mechanical Snap Trap. If required, the Snap Trap is easily removed and replaced with a rodent poison which must be purchased separately. Much like the Combat, the Commando is supplied with a metal key and is both tamper and weather proof. It also has holes making it ready for wall or floor mounting.

Plastics Manufacturing


Our tooling workshop, 3BT is located on-site with a state-of-the-art modern tool shop. All of our tools are made in-house by our master toolmakers. We manufacture tooling for injection moulding, compression moulding, roto moulding, dip moulding and flow moulding.

Manufacturing Processes

  • Our manufacturing processes include:
  • Injection Moulding
  • Rotational Moulding
  • Compression Moulding
  • Dip Moulding
Plastic Recycling
Every plastic moulding company has a responsibility to improve their carbon footprint. As part of Contact Plastic's commitment to sustainable development, we do not dump any waste plastic. All plastic waste is recycled and used in other products. Furthermore, products manufactured from our compression moulding plant are made of 100% recycled plastic.

How We Work

Producing a new product begins with an idea, either generated by Contact Plastics or a potential customer. After an initial meeting between Contact Plastics and the customer, a sketch of the prospective new product is drawn up and distributed for comment.

Once the conceptual development phase is complete, Contact Plastics will typically conduct a detailed patent search with our chosen patent attorney to ensure that there are no patents in existence for the concept under review. We would also spend significant time researching relevant SANS codes to which the product must comply and the testing required achieve compliance with these codes.

This is an exciting part of the product development process in which our tool shop, 3BT, can produce a detailed 3D model of the intended end product. Once the 3D model is approved by all parties involved, we produce a 3D model on our in-house 3D printer for approval by the client.

In this phase we actually produce the tool for mass production of the product. This is where the master toolmakers show their skills by designing and manufacturing tools which not only produce the desired product but do so with material efficiency in mind. Please note that we offer several options to finance tooling manufacture. For sole production, the client typically pays for the tool in full. For split production (in which Contact Plastics has license to manufacture and distribute alongside the client) the tooling costs can be split in a proportion depending on the application.

In this phase we install the tool to the intended machine for mass production. The choice of manufacturing method will have a huge effect on the tooling cost, per product cost and the rate of manufacture.


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